Cheeks Easy Shapers Women's Size 8 Navy (open box)

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  • MAKE EVERY STEP COUNT: The Cheeks Easy Shapers are designed by America’s Personal Trainer, Tony Little, with an innovative incline walking motion technology. This technology allows you to challenge the lower body muscles with every step you take. Don’t forget to STRETCH-N-FLEX, giving your body time to adjust to the unique features of the Easy Shapers. The Cheeks Incline Footwear helps you get more exercise out of every step.
  • SMART DESIGN: Made with a gel heel pad and gel energy bottom to secure that your feet are both comfortable and held safely in place. Additional features include removable insoles, reflective heel panels, non-slip rubber outsole with deep grooves for flexibility and traction, EVA resistance wedge and leather and mesh upper is lightweight and breathable. The heel to toe walking technique that pairs with the incline walking technology is what really separates these shoes from the pack.
  • INCLINE WALKING TECHNOLOGY: To make the best use of the incline walking technology use the Heel to Toe Grab & Flex Walking Technique to challenge your lower body muscles. Make sure your toes are pointed straight ahead on heel strike. Then roll your weight forward and grab with your toes before push-off. As your foot leaves the ground, flex your calf before placing heel for your next step. For best results, use them in a fitness walking program of at least 20-30 minutes 3 times a week.
  • WHERE FASHION MEETS FITNESS: Tony Little isn’t just a fitness icon; he has now created a footwear line that is as functional as it is fashionable. These shoes are perfect for the gym or to wear out on the town. Not only are they a great fashion statement, but you’ll get a lower body workout while doing it, they’re the fusion of fashion and fitness. Cheeks Easy Shaper Trainers are offered in a variety of colors to satisfy even the most particular Fashionistas!
  • YOUR NEW FAVORITE SHOE: Easy Shapers 3.0 will be your new favorites – throw out those old, sneakers and try Cheeks Easy Shapers! Not only are they comfortable and fashionable, but they provide the support that your feet need and give you a workout at the same time! If you need to be reminded that “You Can Do It” just check the tongue of the Easy Shaper, where the message is printed.

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