EnerG+ Free Standing Infrared Heater - 81-in

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The new water-resistant EnerG + ™ HEA- 21821 SH-T, free standing infrared heater is efficient and economical. Very handy, it uses a standard AC wall outlet. Its infrared heat is hardly influenced by the wind and is totally silent . Very practical, the height of the heater can be adjusted from 1.7 to 2.05 metres (5.58' to 6.72'). There are two heating elements to provide 700, 800 or 1500 Watts when combined heating power. The HEA- 21821 SH-T is ideal for: outdoor spaces , terraces and balconies , etc. Very decorative, it fits perfectly into your environment.
  • Adjustable height from 1.7 to 2.05 meters
  • With low operating costs it is much cheaper to use than a propane heater.
  • Safe and environmentally friendly, it does not produce carbon monoxide emissions.
  • It is barely affected by the wind and is completely silent.
  • .

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