TRUE XC9 ACF Grip Hockey Stick

Size: senior
Sale price$110.00


The True XC9 ACF Senior Hockey Stick is designed to meet the needs the elite player. This pro stick features the game changing Xcore blade insert that produces more puck spin on contact for a flatter puck trajectory and pinpoint shooting accuracy.


  • TRUE's patented Axenic technology results in consistent internal walls for unmatched balance, optimal strength and pure flexural energy transfer.
  • Smartflex shaft technology: Ideal loading and energy transfer for all types of shots.
  • Foam core with patented XCORE technology: the compressible urethane XCORE insert produces more puck spin on contact for a flatter puck trajectory that delivers pinpoint shooting accuracy. The stick's optimized stiffness profile, alongside its improved swing weight equals a responsive kick point that drives powerful shots.
  • Utilize 25 layers of unidirectional carbon fiber with SmartPly technology that optimizes flex/energy transfer and torsional response, with top of the line impact strength.
  • The enhanced absorption qualities of the XCORE insert provide the control and feel you need when stickhandling or receiving a hard cross-ice pass.
  • A vibration-dampening system in the blade and shaft provides lightweight performance with superior feel, maximum absorbency, and ultimate rebound control.
  • Blade Wrap: 100% Full 3K carbon twill weave

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